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A crystal clear vision

At SwimHumyn, we love fashion but every parent knows when it comes to kids' swimwear, function should come first.


My name's Kristy and I’m a mommy. We’re a family run Canadian small business, passionate to help provide a quality, practical swimsuit option for our collective children! That's why all of our styles are crafted for comfort with superior UPF sun protective materials and four-way stretch that allows kids to move freely whether they're in water, playing poolside, frolicking at the splash pad or doing cartwheels through the sprinkler.


Our swimwear also features highly visible shades intended to help you keep a watchful eye on your precious bundles, above and below the water's surface. You'll also find that our purposeful selection of quick-dry materials keeps your crew cozy when it's break time.


When it comes to style, each capsule collection is designed to provide a variety of gender-neutral, mix & match swimwear options because our family believes inclusivity is key. Personalize your particular combination of styles to create a statement-making, stylish, swim set all your own! 

So dive in and connect with us - we’d love to see how your family layers and matches our multiple styles to enjoy safe water play, all day! xx

A parent's swimwear brand

A child wearing SwimHumyn bathing suit at the pool

Sun Smart: Our patterns are more than just aesthetics; they are a shield against the sun's harsh UV rays on even the brightest days, eliminating the need for extra sunscreen. We want kids to enjoy every moment under the sun's embrace, worry-free.

Play Ready: Each piece is meticulously created with their comfort and safety as our ultimate priority. With a focus on functionality, SwimHumyn swimwear ensures kids can swim, splash and play with less limitations.

High Visibility: The vibrant colour palettes are carefully chosen to offer the highest visibility rating, allowing parents to feel more at ease while their children play. Keeping an eye on their little ones with more confidence, whether they're amongst a crowd, in the water or even beneath its surface.


Gender Neutral: We celebrate individuality in all its forms. Our gender-neutral designs reflect the diverse and evolving preferences of today's children who seek not only comfort but also a sense of style that transcends traditional boundaries.

Our sun-smart, play-ready swimwear is a testament to functional fashion and purposeful design - a true fusion of style and functionalitySwimHumyn reflects a mother's understanding of children's needs, making it an ideal choice for water adventures.

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